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They trust Social Monitor and NewsVibe

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What really makes NewsVibe different?

Creating communication strategies while reading the room can be a daunting task, but all of it can be solved from a single web app dashboard.

An entire universe of data right at your fingertips

After collecting data from the past decade these are the results. Now you can get to enjoying the system that gives you access to all of it in a split second.

Articles processed
Feeds processed
Entities extracted
Hashtags extracted
Emojis extracted

* Figures vary according to geographical location. The numbers illustrated relate to: Romania.

How the magic happens

From creating an account to comparative reports, assembling your first strategy and watching you campaign perform, let’s take a look at how it all works in your NewsVibe dashboard.

  • Master Search Queries with Boolean Precision

    Harness the power of Boolean search to fine-tune your data discovery. Create and monitor search queries, watching their evolution to keep abreast of the changing landscape. This level of precision ensures that you're not just finding data, but the right data.

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  • Custom Lists for Focused Insights 

    Dive deep into media or Facebook sources with tailored lists. Analyze content, gauge impact, and spot new trends by pulling data from chosen sources. This custom approach allows for a more refined exploration, tailored to your specific informational needs.

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  • Dynamic Analytics for Source Evolution 

    Track the pulse of your news sources with advanced analytics. Monitor how sources evolve in terms of content frequency, acceleration, and topics covered. Stay ahead by understanding the rhythm of information flow, ensuring you're always informed about the latest trends and shifts.

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    Make NewsVibe your own with the right plan for your business

    Creating communication strategies while reading the room can be a daunting task, but all of it can be solved from a single web app dashboard.

    • The Casual


      Exclusively for small companies.
      Reflects the early-stage nature of startups and suggests a foundation for growth.

      • 50 queries/hour

      • 5 seats

      • Email notifications

      • Premium support

    • The Professional


      For data-oriented companies.
      Represents an elevated access to deeper data insights.

      • Unlimited queries/

      • 25 seats

      • Email notifications

      • Premium support

    • The Golden

      For all your data needs.
      A luxurious touch, indicating a gold-standard in media analysis. Portrays mastery over media with advanced functionalities.



      • Unlimited queries

      • 50 seats

      • Email and app alerts for keywords

      • Premium support

    If your company is very large and you think you will have custom software needs, contact sales and negotiate an enterprise plan.

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